Social Media In-Bound
Facebook Lead Generation


Social media marketing is widely misunderstood. Marketing companies and small business owners alike often miss the market with their social media marketing campaigns. At SureFire we have two distinct pillars we focus on when implementing a social campaign. The IN-BOUND campaigns is comprised of highly targeted paid campaigns that drive our clients new leads, appointments, calls, and sales. 

We have a very specific set of performance benchmarks that our team utilizes in order to ensure the highest return on investment for our clients. 

Google Advertising
PPC - Display - Search - SEO


Google is the powerhouse of digital marketing. Over the last couple of years Google has been quietly perfecting an already amazing platform. While Facebook had a solid run of triple digit growth in new ad dollars Google still remains the #1 platform for digial marekting campaigns & ad buyers. 

The sophisticated targeted capabilities make Google ads a MUST for any serious digital marketing strategy. Our team of experts implement the most aggressive targeting & performance based strategies of any agency in the industry. From pay per click, search, in-bound, click to calls, and video marketing we have the tools and resources for any company to see rapid growth using our proven methods. 

Social Media Branding
Facebook - Instagram- Linkedin

The second pillar of any social media marketing campaign is BRANDING. This pillar is comprised of content, professional video, professional graphic design work, and brings the spirit of your company to life through effective utilization of both psychological & marketing principles that we have tested and proven. 

Our clients message and branding is of the upmost importance to us. While this pillar is less focused on ROI than IN-BOUND it is equally important nonetheless. 

Tele-Marketing Services
Appointments & Live Transfers


Our agency is hyper focused on RESULTS DRIVEN CAMPAIGNS. Impressions, clicks, and views are great however, we also know that without LEADS & SALES most marketing campaigns are pointless. 

We ensure that all of our efforts are not only tracked but monetized at every level. Our core focus is simple. Turn impressions into clicks, turn clicks into visits, turn visits into appointments, turn appointments in to sales, and turn sales into raving referral fans. 


We pride ourselves on transparency, communication, collaboration, honesty, and above all RESULTS.  

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